Why New Zealand smokers suck the most (infographic)

The New Zealand Herald today carried news of interesting research by the tobacco industry which suggests New Zealand smokers have a penchant for cigarettes higher in nicotine than smokers across the Tasman.

The Herald adds:

The results come from a tobacco industry study… also found New Zealand smokers are exposed to the greatest average amount of tar out of 5703 smokers in eight countries.

New Zealand smokers sucked out 1.62mg of nicotine a cigarette, the second-highest amount and far more than Australians’ 1.36mg.

Accompanying the story was this interesting infographic which puts the the exposure of New Zealand smokers to nicotine and tar in perspective. What do you think? An effective infographic?

Source: New Zealand Herald
Source: New Zealand Herald


  1. Anna Sandiford

    Does this mean that kiwi cigarettes contain more nicotine/tar than other countries’ cigarettes? If so, why? Or does it mean that kiwis have a stronger suck? The NZ Herald article refers to a smoking machine, which I assume is used to allow for variation in suck strength? The article also refers to testing a range of brands but it isn’t known whether the higher nicotine/tar content is because of a preference for high nicotine/tar brands by NZ smokers – perhaps this could be part of the next study. In fact, couldn’t someone in NZ do that – do a survey of what people smoke?
    As infographics go, it seems quite informative and the message is clear – stop smoking!

  2. David Stevenson

    It Would Appear That the NZ Government Needs To Put In Place Stricter Controls On the Importation of Cigarettes And Tobacco Related Products.

  3. stuart yeates

    (0) The Canadian and Brazilian tar levels need to be lined up with the rest of the levels.

    (1) Average probably needs to be displayed along with standard deviation (or variance).

    (2) Tar needs to be explicitly per cigarette.

    (3) It’s not clear why nicotine is given a bar graph and tar not, when they’re similar kinds of data.

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