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  1. slo jo

    3. Be proactive in correcting misinformation.

    Sadly lacking at this moment in time wouldn’t you say?

    4. The public has a voice – listen to it!

    ROFL – I thought “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” was the go-to strategy for journalists.

    One thing is for sure we definitely live in a time when journalism has sold out their readership in favour of a paycheque from their masters. That’s always been the case, however, the extent of this has become so one sided as to paint a distorted picture of reality. Journalism here has gone so far down the rabbit hole it has become the enemy of the people.

    As one who facilitates genocide against the people you will have made it onto a list you won’t want to be on when the time comes to pay the piper.

  2. John Clough

    Hi Peter. Read your article in The NZ Herald today. We’ve lived on orewa beach for 21 years and have seen no sea level rise. Our neighbours have been there since 1976 and have seen no sea level rise. We live here permanently. When is the sea level gonna start rising we certainly haven’t seen any evidence of it yet. Kind regards John Clough

  3. Angus Lombardi

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