CUX1 – Cancer's one percenter

Scientists have identified a gene that is responsible for the development of tumours in one per cent of all cancer patients. The culprit is CUX1, which when deactivated allows a “biological pathway” to open up that causes tumour growth to increase. Researchers already knew about CUX1 but not that it was a driver of cancer […]


Clash of the anecdotes on vitamin C

If you read today’s letters to the Sunday Star Times you’ll see the flip side of anecdotal evidence on the use of intravenous vitamin C to treat serious illness. The letter below illustrates well why it is potentially very dangerous when people make decisions that may impact their health based on anecdotal evidence. Miraculous recoveries […]


Why New Zealand smokers suck the most (infographic)

The New Zealand Herald today carried news of interesting research by the tobacco industry which suggests New Zealand smokers have a penchant for cigarettes higher in nicotine than smokers across the Tasman. The Herald adds: The results come from a tobacco industry study… also found New Zealand smokers are exposed to the greatest average amount […]