The science system – how we stack up

Pattrick Smellie’s feature in local business weekly The Independent last week gives one of the best up-to-date snapshots of the science system and the changes likely to be made as the Government embarks on what could be the biggest overhaul of the science and innovation system since the Crown Research Institutes were created in 1992.

Unfortunately, Smellie’s feature is not online. But a couple of tables from the piece give an indication of what we are focusing on in science and how we compare to other countries when it comes to spending on R&D.

The Ministry of Research, Science and Technology is currently calling for feedbakc on a document it released outlining its priorities for the science sector. Submissions close on the 18th of November (yes, Wednesday) so you’ll need to move fast to have your say on what, if anything, should change.

from The Independent
Source: The Independent

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