transit of venus

Episode 32: Staring at the Sun

The Sciblogs podcast this week is a special edition focussing on the Transit of Venus celebrations that took place in Gisborne last week. First there was the observation of the transit, which we were fortunate to have great weather for, then the business end of the proceedings with the Transit of Venus forum, where 300 […]


Transit of Venus: A sight for sore eyes

Those of us in Gisborne yesterday were among the lucky few in New Zealand who got to observe the Transit of Venus yesterday. It was a very special day out at Tolaga Bay where the locals treated us to amazing hospitality. Here are some photos… Look carefully at about 5o’clock on the image of the […]


Transit of Venus: Live from Gisborne

I’m in Gisborne and all set to observe the Transit of Venus tomorrow and take part in the Transit of Venus forum that is taking place on Thursday and Friday. Why Gisborne? Mainly for cultural rather than scientific reasons – Tolaga Bay was where Captain Cook came ashore in 1769 and apparently had the first […]