Innovation – how is our strategy looking?

The Government has released Building Innovation, the second progress report of six in its Business Growth Agenda. The document gives a pretty good overview of what the Government has done and intends to do in its efforts to boost innovation in the economy. It also shows our major weaknesses when it comes to the R&D […]


Christchurch's chance to be innovation central

The blueprints for Christchurch are out and by and large, they represent an ambitious and progressive vision for the future of our second biggest city. Interestingly, they also account for innovation and health precincts that could make Christchurch, already a major centre of excellence for electronics and high value manufacturing and with significant medical research […]


Science in the budget: NZ vs Aussie

As has been widely reported over the last couple of days, the Government’s Budget for 2010 – 11 will include $321 million in new funding science and R&D initiatives over the next four years, with $96 million consisting of re-prioritised funding. This was pre-announced yesterday and made this year’s budget particularly more sciency than most […]