Podcast: Science on trial

On the Sciblogs podcast this week, we head to the High Court where climate sceptics have this week been seeking a judicial review of NIWA’s climate records. We catch up with Sciblogger Gareth Renowden about the case and we talk to former NIWA climate scientist Jim Renwick about the current state of climate science and […]


Podcast: The fight for the Net

I’ve been at Nethui catching up on the state of all things internet-related and came away rather disconcerted about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement currently being negotiated in secret on our behalf and which could have major implications for how intellectual property is treated under the law. Click below to listen to the podcast Episode 36 […]


Podcast: Higgs, I think we have it!

EPISODE 35: This week’s podcast looks at how the news out of CERN about the discovery of a Higgs-like boson was received by the world. How did the media do in describing what the Higgs Boson actually is and did what’s the future for the Large Hadron Collider. We hear from an experimental physicist about […]