Moon Man

Bent spoons galore for coverage of "charlatan" Ring

The Skeptics Society has roasted several media organisations, collectively awarding them its annual Bent Spoon award for “journalistic gullibility” after they gave “Moon Man” Ken Ring largely uncritical coverage in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes. The story is one close to the hearts of Skeptics spokeswoman Vicki Hyde, whose neighbourhood in Redcliffs, Christchurch was […]


Running rings around the Moon Man?

John Campbell’s interview last night with “Moon Man” and self-proclaimed earthquake predictor Ken Ring was, according to the unprecedented stream of Twitter messages following it, a “train wreck”, “harsh”, “disappointing” and “poor journalism”. Media veteran Dr Brian Edwards weighed in (site loading slowly today) soon  after the appearance to condemn Campbell’s effort: John, your mindless, […]