Coalmine methane explained (infographic)

As a bore hole is drilled down to the shaft at the Pike River mine, where 29 miners are still trapped, focus is on the gases that caused the initial explosion and which still make rescue incredibly dangerous for both miners and rescue crew. This graphic from today’s Dominion Post outlines how methane forms and […]


Why was CNN in Palmerston North? Methane!

It’s a rare event that brings a CNN news crew to New Zealand – an America’s Cup campaign or a Lord of the Rings launch usually. Or in this case a disrupted flight schedule which prevented the crew from heading to its intended destination – Chile. So the newly formed Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre […]


Our emissions profile at a glance

The Press and the Dominion Post have already run their pre-Copenhagen features, today it was the turn of the New Zealand Herald. One feature of today’s coverage was a Herald graphic developed by seasoned Herald designers Richard Dale and Andrew Louis, which breaks down the emissions profile of New Zealand. I have the original MfE […]