iPad apps – what's on my tablet

The iPad 2 launches in Australia and New Zealand this week (March 25th) and to foreshadow that I’ve written my latest Listener column on the power of the “app” and how our concept of software is changing thanks to this new format which has been hugely successful for Apple and also Google with its Android […]


Best science apps for the iPad

If the treatment of Wired, the Financial Times and the BBC shows the iPad holds a lot of promise for a moribund media, signs are also good that this device and the new wave of touch-screen tablet computers could do great things for communicating science. I’ve been using the iPad for around six weeks now […]


iPad accessory frenzy in Adelaide

I happened to be in Australia on Friday as the Apple iPad went on sale there, predictably attracting shoppers who queued through the night at the George St Apple store in Sydney. Adelaide, where I was, doesn’t have an official Apple store, but the iPads on offer were long gone by the time I got […]