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GNS on quake communication – we can do better

The convictions of the Italian scientists of manslaughter has more relevance here in New Zealand than you might think. In the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes, the scientific community and GNS Science in particular came in for scrutiny over how effectively it communicated the risk of earthquake activity in the lead up to September 2010, […]


NZ scientists fire up $3.4 million mass spectrometer

Scientists at the Crown Research Institute GNS Science are this morning showing media through its Lower Hutt Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory where a new accelerator mass spectrometer has been installed. What will this expensive gadget, which represents the largest single investment in equipment since GNS became a CRI in 1992, actually do? Well, GNS is the […]


Tsunami – if the big one hit

New Zealanders in coastal areas are right now preparing for potential wave surges as tsunami warnings are in force for the entire coast of the country. This follows the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile last night – my colleagues at the Science Media Centre rounded up some analysis of the quake from British scientists last […]