What do scientists think of the Copenhagen Accord?

Scientists have today expressed everything from disgust to cautious optimism at the agreement cobbled together late in the night in Copenhagen. We wrapped up comment from a large number of scientists on the Science Media Centre website – here are a few samples: Dr Peter Barrett, Professor of Geology, affiliated with the Antarctic Research Centre […]


Where are all the Kiwis at Copenhagen?

UPDATE: The Sunday Star Times ran a story today quoting New Zealand businesses that are disappointed they have been excluded from the official New Zealand delegation. Well that’s too bad, but why aren’t these companies involved in their own right in the discussions rather than depending on the Government to get them a seat at […]


Our emissions profile at a glance

The Press and the Dominion Post have already run their pre-Copenhagen features, today it was the turn of the New Zealand Herald. One feature of today’s coverage was a Herald graphic developed by seasoned Herald designers Richard Dale and Andrew Louis, which breaks down the emissions profile of New Zealand. I have the original MfE […]