Climate Science

Climate science's trouble spots

Nature has just published a very good feature on its website which is worth reading for anyone wanting an overview of the real contentious areas of climate science. As Nature sees it, the areas that need “greater open discussion” include: regional climate forecasts, precipitation forecasts, aerosols and palaeoclimate data. A fuller reading of the e-mails […]


Himalayan glacier melt explained

The IPCC has formally said it is reexamining the subsection of the 4th Assessment Report that makes claims that appear to be based on “grey literature” via a WWF report which in turn quoted from a New Scientist piece. So what’s the real deal with Himalayan glacier melt? Well, this presentation put together by a […]


What do scientists think of the Copenhagen Accord?

Scientists have today expressed everything from disgust to cautious optimism at the agreement cobbled together late in the night in Copenhagen. We wrapped up comment from a large number of scientists on the Science Media Centre website – here are a few samples: Dr Peter Barrett, Professor of Geology, affiliated with the Antarctic Research Centre […]