Christchurch's chance to be innovation central

The blueprints for Christchurch are out and by and large, they represent an ambitious and progressive vision for the future of our second biggest city. Interestingly, they also account for innovation and health precincts that could make Christchurch, already a major centre of excellence for electronics and high value manufacturing and with significant medical research […]


Learning from America's Ken Ring moment

The furore over John Campbell’s interview with earthquake predictor Ken Ring this week really exposed a strong anti-science vein running through New Zealand that even we here at Sciblogs, seasoned from hand to hand combat with the anti-vax lobby, homeopaths and evolution deniers were surprised at. As one commenter on Sciblogs put it, Ken Ring’s […]


Amid carnage media bears brunt of disaster

It was only a couple of months ago, one sunny morning that I visited science reporter Paul Gorman and tech editor Will Harvie at The Press in Christchurch. The beautiful old building housing the newspaper was devastated in Tuesday’s earthquake and at least one of the newspaper’s staff was killed when the roof crashed down […]