One of our best science communicators awarded

Let’s face it, finding scientists who can communicate their science effectively, understand the needs of the media and the public and are able to respond in times of crisis are rare. It was pleasing then to last night see the University of Canterbury’s Dr Mark Quigley pick up the New Zealand Association of Scientists’ Science […]


Christchurch's liquefaction (infographic)

One of the interesting aspects of the earthquake’s impact on Christchurch has been the phenomenon of liquefaction, where soil and sand is compacted and water is forced to the surface. There have been many reports of sand volcanoes, water fountains and severe cracking of the ground – all the result of soil liquefaction. ECAN has […]


New fault surprises scientists

Scientists from GNS Science and the University of Canterbury have been busy in the wake of Saturday morning’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Canterbury attempting to learn more about the quake and what caused it. Credit has to go to GNS Science’s John Ristau, Canterbury’s Mark Quigley and Kevin Furlong, professor of geoscience at Penn State […]