Flu claims Antarctic researcher

A lot of people in the scientific community are struggling to come to terms with the death of Antarctic historian and museum curator Natalie Cadenhead, who died at Christchurch Hospital on July 24 of influenza. Natalie was only 47, a fit and healthy tramper as this report from The Press explains. She didn’t get the […]


Final frontiers: Antarctica

By Tony Press, University of Tasmania With the global population now well over seven billion there are few remaining parts of the world relatively untouched by human activity. We assess the current state and future prospects of five final frontiers: rainforests, Antarctica, the Arctic, the deep sea and space. Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest […]


Antarctic report – wrap up

A busy last morning at Mario Zuchelli Station involved packing our pile of gear onto the back of a tractor trailer for the trip up the hill to the local airfield to be picked up by a Twin Otter aircraft. These planes work in remote conditions throughout the world. Our flight was the crew’s last […]