The big science stories of 2011 – Afternoons on RNZ

As the year drew to a close I was interviewed on Radio New Zealand about some of the big science stories of 2011 – the Higgs Boson, Fukushima nuclear meltdown, the search for planets in the Goldilocks zone and progress in the fight against spread of HIV all featured…


The Nobels, Zune’s demise and the iPhone 4S

My Dear Science slot on Bfm’s The Wire this week looks at the Nobel Prizes in medicine and physics awarded this week and the impact of the work the new Nobel winners has created. We also look at the demise of Microsoft’s Zune music player and check out the anti-climax that was the launch of the iPhone 4S.


Twitter as a global mood ring

My latest TVNZ Breakfast slot, looking at research into the language of Twitter and what it tells us about the mood of its users, a brief update on the Apple-Samsung legal action playing out in Sydney and my thoughts on the new Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon.

Click here to view the piece and read the TVNZ report