Data visualisation shows endless potential

A couple of excellent uses of data visualisation software have popped up in the media over the last few days and best of all, both display kiwi innovation at work. Nextspace, the Auckland-based cluster of 3D graphics companies, says it is building a “Visual City” platform for Auckland which would display visually on a 3D […]


What's your digital footprint?

My This Way Up slot with Simon Morton this week looks at online back-up options for people who want to protect themselves against losing their precious digital content. The list of services we looked at was by no means exhaustive, but some leading players in the online storage space have emerged in the last couple […]


Audible books not so listenable

A few weeks back, succumbing to a barrage of advertising on my favourite tech podcast TWiT, I signed up to, the talking book service run out of the US. Audible has been plugging away with digital book downloads for ten years now, but seems to really have taken off with the rise of the […]