Science related stories and commentary

Scientists call for overhaul of the Nobels

This week a high-profile group of scientists had a letter published in New Scientist that calls for the Nobel prizes for science to be revamped because the awards are too narrow to reflect the breadth of modern science. The Nobel Prize winners will be announced next week. A few choice quotes: Many of these fields, […]


A step towards predicting earthquakes?

Nature reports today some interesting research which suggests the big Boxing Day earthquake of 2004, which caused devastation around the Indian Ocean when the resulting tsunami slammed into coastal towns, may also have weakened the San Andreas faultline 8000km away in California. Researchers examining the data produced by highly sensitive devices buried deep beneath the […]


Skeptics hammer 1080 documentary

The Skeptics Society conference held in Wellington over the weekend was a fascinating affair that left me pleasantly surprised. I had feared a series of slightly smug, self-serving lectures lambasting religion and anything else not explained conclusively by scientific fact. What I experienced was a room full of incredibly intelligent and open-minded people discussing some […]