Sciblogs goes shopping: new ‘Consuming Science’ Series

Science sells. 

You don’t have to look far in the supermarket to see that advertisers have cottoned on to this fact. Technical sounding jargon, endorsements from experts and references to ‘clinically proven’ results are everywhere you look.

Sometimes you just wish someone could cut through hype and give a clear steer on how best to spend your money.

Allow me to introduce the Sciblogs ‘Consuming Science’ series. Over the next two weeks at Sciblogs we’ll be publishing posts exploring the everyday science of consumer products and services.

Covering everything from genetic ancestry tests to Band-Aids, our bloggers will be digging into to the science of the stuff that winds up in your shopping trolley or on your credit card bill.

Don’t get us wrong – It’s amazing hearing about the latest planet that might hold clues of life, or how quarks interact at the sub-atomic scale. But we also know that Sciblogs readers are interested in how science interacts with their daily lives.

Some of the most popular posts on Sciblogs touch on the science of consumer items; posts about how much water it takes to make a litre of milk, the efficacy of electromagnetic pest-repellent and anti-jet lag drinks are among the most viewed on the website.

We’ve given our bloggers a pretty open brief in what they write about. You’ll be seeing reviews of specific products as well as wider commentary on certain industries or issues.

And let us know if you have a burning science-related question about the products we consume and we’ll get our team of bloggers onto answering it!

You can keep up with latest posts in the series here


Peter Griffin


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