Theoretical physicist Brian Greene is heading our way

Famed physicist Brain Greene visits Auckland next month in one of numerous events scheduled by leading personalities from the world of science.

One of the world’s leading science communicators, Professor Greene will explore string theory, mathematical physics and cosmology in his popular A Time Traveller’s Tale lecture and audience Q&A.

The Columbia University professor of physics and mathematics is famous for his popular science books, including The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos.

His one and only Auckland appearance is part of an ongoing series by Think Inc, Loop and sponsored by AUT University, that features leading thinkers from around the world. Last September saw Dr Ben Goldacre feature on the Think Inc. bill in a well-received lecture and Q&A in Auckland. Tickets for A Time Traveller’s Tale start at $79.

Professor Greene is among the first of several big names from the world of science that will visit New Zealand this year, with Sir David Attenborough speaking in Auckland last night and tonight and a series of international guests visiting through the year as part of the Royal Society of New Zealand’s 150th anniversary celebrations kicking off in April.

Greene has a particularly accessible way of explaining complex physics, from the Big Bang to string theory. If you want an entrée into his work, check out his excellent documentary Fabric of the Cosomos which is available in full on Youtube.

And also check out his great Ted Talk…

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