The most influential scientists of 2012?

Who produced the most significant science in 2012 worldwide?

Any top-10 list would be hotly contested – and the one below will be no different. It was put together as one of those pleasant-looking infographics designed to lure you to one of those dubious advertising websites – in this case “Best College Reviews”.

So don’t bother clicking at the link at the bottom, you’ll just find yourself in spam hell. But the infographic itself is well put together and touches on some of the big science-related events of 2012. But are these the most influential scientists of 2012? An interesting question to consider…

The Most Influential Scientists of 2012
Source: Best College Reviews

One Comment

  1. Mike Dickison

    The best way to thwart the spammers is to give credit, but just delete the hyperlinks. That way they won’t get the Google juice.

    By the way, this list of 12 “scientists” includes James Cameron (movie director) and Nate Silver (political consultant). They’re not scientists.

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