Episode 34: Digital Earth 2.0

On the Sciblogs podcast this week we look at the progress made on Digital Earth initiatives like Google Earth – what’s in store for the next generation of Earth visualisation and simulation platforms?

google-earth-5-screenshotWe talk to Sciblogger Ken Perrott about new data from the 2011 Australian census that shows more Aussies are ditching religion and we check in with a scientist examining the barely tapped potential of nature to supply compounds and extracts that can be used in medicines.

You can stream the podcast by clicking on the player below, or subscribe in iTunes or via RSS. You can even listen to the podcast on your phone via Stitcher.com

[audio: http://ia601207.us.archive.org/22/items/SciblogsPodcastEpisode34DigitalEarth2.0/SciblogsPodcastEpisode34.mp3%5D

Show notes

Science Media Centre round-up of links on the Science paper on the Alpine Fault

Swine flu deaths: worse than thought

PNAS Next-generation Digital Earth paper

Information about NextSpace and Richard Simpson

Al Gore’s speech on Digital Earth

Digital Earth Summit in Wellington

The 2011 Australian Census

Ken Perrott’s blog post on the changing face of Australia’s religious affiliations

Vincenzo De Luca’s paper in Science

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