Episode 32: Staring at the Sun

The Sciblogs podcast this week is a special edition focussing on the Transit of Venus celebrations that took place in Gisborne last week.

transitFirst there was the observation of the transit, which we were fortunate to have great weather for, then the business end of the proceedings with the Transit of Venus forum, where 300 people came together to discuss how we can better use science to boost our economy, foster greater social cohesion and generally encourage a more progressive society.

This special edition was recorded in Gisborne, featuring interviews and edited highlights of the forum proceedings. For the full sessions from the forum, visit the Royal Society of New Zealand website.

Click below to listen to the podcast

[audio: http://ia601206.us.archive.org/2/items/SciblogsPodcastEpisode32StaringAtTheSun/SciblogsPodcastEpisode32.mp3%5D

Featured in the podcast:

Dame Anne Salmond on the events surrounding Captain Cook’s arrival in the Gisborne region – and his initially violent interaction with local Maori, a relationship that was to improve dramatically when Cook arrived at Tolaga Bay and enjoyed the hospitality of the tangata whenua.

Sir Peter Gluckman on the issues raised by the Transit of Venus forum, the areas that need attention and the way forward.

Sir Paul Callaghan’s reflections on a life in science from an interview conducted by film maker Gaylene Preston before Sir Paul’s death.

Scibloggers Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Dr David Winter and Elf Eldridge on what came out of the Transit of Venus forum.

ALSO: The Gisborne Boys High School Choir, Venus by Holst, from the Planets suite and more… all here on the Sciblogs podcast!

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Sciblogs coverage of the Transit of Venus:

There’s a little black spot on the sun today – Peter Dearden
Sabbaticals – Marcus Wilson
The Geek Manifesto: required reading – Michael Edmonds
A vision for New Zealand education 2020 – Michael Edmonds
Pounamu reflections – Michael Edmonds
Transit of Venus forum in review – Elf Eldridge
The unseen transit – Gareth Renowden
Transit of Venus – Marcus Wilson
Transit of Venus: a sight for sore eyes – Peter Griffin
Transit of Venus: Live from Gisborne – Peter Griffin


  1. Derek Syms

    Cool, yes the sun is incredible, I found some imagery of the sun that is put together as a video. It goes for 4 and a half minutes, it has taken over 5 years to collect. SDO imagery.

    There is even a planet transit on it, it could very well be venus.

  2. Michael Edmonds

    Awesome podcast Peter, I’ve tried to watch most of the ToV sessions on youtube but some were a bit tedious. Your podcast provided a nice summary of key points, the interviews were great, and great to hear from a few scibloggers as well

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