Episode 27: Clever endeavours

This week’s show is an eclectic mix, taking you from the Swiss lab of cancer researcher Dr Chris Rodley to the Endeavour Crater on Mars where a robotic vehicle has identified evidence of water having existed there in the past.

Dr Chris Rodley
Dr Chris Rodley

In between, we talk innovation with Sciblogger Peter Kerr and bring you the best of the week’s published journal papers in the Journal Wrap.

Presented by Sciblogs editor Peter Griffin and produced by John Kerr

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[audio: http://ia601206.us.archive.org/4/items/SciblogsPodcast-Episode27CleverEndeavours/SciblogsPodcastEpisode27.mp3%5D

Show notes

Dr Chris Rodley

Massey University news article on Chris’s graduation

Kiwinet Commercialisation Forum

Kiwinet website

sticK, Peter Kerr’s sciblog

Postcards from Mars

Prof Raymond E Arvidson’s Washington University homepage

Article abstract for the paper on Opportunity-collected data in Science.

From the Journal Wrap

Wind turbines warm the night

Overview and expert commentary on the Science Media Centre website

Article abstract from Nature Climate Change

Tree grow better in cities?

Coverage on the New York Times Green blog.

News release from Columbia University Earth Institute

Article abstract from Tree Physiology

Garlic compound wards off food poisoning

Media release from Washington State University.

Article abstract from the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

Blood analysed in Otzi’s ‘cold case’ murder

Overview of of the research on Livescience.com, with great photos

Article abstract from Journal of the Royal Society Interface

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