What we learned at SCANZ

Sciblogger Michael Edmonds has been busy writing up his reflections on sessions from the SCANZ conference that was held on Feb 22 and 23 at Te Papa Museum in Wellington.

scanz image mixSCANZ 2012 was the conference of the Science Communicator’s Association which is now into its tenth year of operation. The conference, which I presented at on the subject of science and social media, featured some excellent speakers and case studies on effective science communication projects.

We’ve posted recordings I’ve made from some of the presentations on the SCANZ website. Apologies for the less than great audio quality and the truncated Mark Quigley podcast.

My highlights included Quigley, fellow-Sciblogger Shaun Hendy and Steve Maharey.

If you haven’t come across SCANZ and you work in or around the science sector and are interested in how science is communicated, check them out.

Michael Edmonds’ posts:

SCANZ 2012: Context is the kingdom

SCANZ 2012: Calm and assured on the outside. Dr Mark Quigley

SCANZ 2012: How social is your science? Peter Griffin on social media and science

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