Media7 science special, best and worst stories

It’s turning out to be a fairly science-heavy week what with the visit of famed British scientist Lord Winston, the Monckton side show on climate change and TVNZ7’s hour-long special on science, which airs tomorrow night.

Russell  Brown
Russell Brown

As you’ll know as a reader of Sciblogs, Media7 host Russell Brown asked us to ask you what you thought were some of the best and worst science stories of the last year, with a view to doing a David Letterma-esque countdown on the Media 7 show which screens tomorrow night at 9.05pm on TVNZ7 (available on Sky and Freeview).

After picking through a list that included some of the stories that attracted the most heated debate on Sciblogs (did someone mention that Ken Ring interview?), we dutifully submitted the list.

A friendly cameraman called by last week to film me giving a bit of background to the best and worst five stories. So check out the show tomorrow night and head back here to let us know what you think, what we missed and what you thought of the rest of the show.

Lord Robert, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Dr Mike Joy (trhe scientist dumped on by the Prime Minister in that HARDtalk interview) are interviewed on the show.

Media7: Spotlight on Science special

9.05pm Thursday, August 4th

TVNZ7 (on Freeview and Sky, on TVNZ website and Youtube after airing)

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