Last chance to pick best and worst science stories

Submissions close tomorrow for your list of the best and worst science stories of the last year – the results of which will be revealed on an uncoming Media7 science and innovation special. So drop us a line with your picks for the most cringe-worthy and impressive science reports of the last year – broadcast, print and online are all fine!

One of the key functions of journalism is to explain the world around us. Nowadays that is a job that increasingly requires the reporter to present complex science to the public.

media7Media 7 logoSometimes they get it right, but sometimes they get it wrong. Very, very wrong.

Media7 (a TVNZ7 panel discussion show hosted by Russell Brown) is in the middle of putting together an hour-long Science and Innovation Special to air on the 4th of August.

Russell and the team would like your input! They’re asking the SciBlogs community to help pick the five worst and the five best reported science stories of 2010/11 which will be presented as part of the special.

We’re asking that you email your two lists to the following email address — We also ask that you state your reasons why you think they deserve to be honoured in such a way.

– The stories can be from any medium

– The stories can be from anywhere in the world

– Please indicate if you do not want any part of your comments to be reproduced on the show

– Only stories that fall within the timeframe: 07/23/2010 — 07/23/2011 can be nominated

Peter Griffin

Sciblogs editor

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