Another freaky medical case

A while ago the New Zealand Medical Journal explained why it is unwise to run around with a toothbrush in your mouth.

Now British medical journal The Lancet delivers sound advice against playing soccer – or any kind of sport, with your keys on a chain around your neck. The journal reports that the 15 year old boy shown in the pictures below (slightly graphic) was rushed to an eye clinic in Munich with a key embedded in his left orbit – the socket that holds your eye.

How did the key get there? Well, the boy was playing soccer with a key chain around his neck. As Dr Christian Mayer explains in The Lancet:

When our patient went to head the ball, his key flew upwards against gravity, got in the way of the flight path of the approaching football, and penetrated his left eye socket.

Luckily, the key didn’t stab the boy directly in the eye, which could have resulted in the loss of sight in that eye. Instead, doctors managed to loosen the key and remove it from his eye socket. They fed him a dose of antibiotics to stave off infection and sent him on his way. A lucky escape.

And in true German style, Dr Mayer points out the error of the boy’s ways:

He was in violation of Federation Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football [FIFA]) rules by wearing a necklace with a key during the game.

I bet he won’t do it again…

Source: The Lancet
Source: The Lancet

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