CES: NZ start-up takes out consumer electronics innovation award in Vegas

It was great to see New Zealand start-up Swiftpoint honoured at the CES show here in Vegas for the novel design of its pint-sized finger-controlled computer mouse.

If only we had more companies lining up to showcase world-class tech products at a show like this.I bumped into a handful of kiwis at CES – most of whom were up here buying products to retail back in New Zealand. What we need is more traffic going in the other way – selling our innovations to the mass consumer and business market in places like the US, Europe and Asia.

Grant Odgers runs Swiftpoint from Christchurch and while the company is fairly low profile at home, it is making waves in the US where consumers purchasing increasingly small laptops and net books are looking for better ways of interacting with their computer than the traditional mouse and laptop track pad.

Enter the Swiftpoint, which is a tiny wireless mouse that you grasp with three fingers, sort of like holding a pen. All the controls for scrolling, zooming, clicking and going back and forth between web pages are lined up along the top of the Swiftpoint.

Benefits include:

– Ease of access and maneuverability in a very compact format.
– 2 – 4 weeks battery power off one charge.

To win the CES Innovations Award 2011 in the computer peripherals section is a major coup for Swiftpoint. Critics have been favourably reviewing the device, which retails for US$70

here’s a reviewer’s write-up on Swiftpoint…



  1. bowmast

    I agree Peter, would be great to see more of our innovations realised on the world stage, let alone recognised.
    Hats off to Grant and the team.

    I ran some intensive user research with Swiftpoint from prototype stage, road testing working models with demanding laptop users.

    The design and development ethos was rigorous, with shape and functions progressing closer and closer to the finished article based on feedback from research.

    The whole team at Swiftpoint were so responsive and driven they deserve all the credit and every success.

    You can read a case study on my consulting site at:

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