Bed bugs make a comeback (infographic)

Bed bugs are in the news at the moment, with outbreaks of the little critters in New York theatres.

So what are bed bugs, why are hotel rooms bed bug-magnets and how do you get rid of the damn things? This clever infographic from The Ottawa Sun goes some way to providing answers…

Source: Ottawa Sun
Source: Ottawa Sun


  1. Peter Griffin

    Sorry Stuart, will get a higher resolution copy up tomorrow, it looked okay on my really big screen but it definitely had to be compacted as it was a full pager in the Ottawa Sun.

  2. stuartyeates

    That’s really annoying. The infographic contains text that’s too small to read (it looks like a source or disclaimer?) and clicking on it doesn’t take me to a readable version. There is no obvious link to the Ottawa Sun original, so it’s not clear whether the error was made by you or them.

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