Interphone in infographics

The international news media has been abuzz the last couple of days with results of a 10 year study into mobile phone use and the possible link to brain cancer.

There have been lots of facts and figures thrown about and the subject really needed a good infographic to illustrate the most important thing – what risk people face of developing brain cancer if they use a mobile phone.

The Independent did a great job of illustrating this relative to other risk profiles…

Source: The Independent, May 18
Source: The Independent, May 18

Here’s one we put together at the Science Media Centre with the help of Chelfyn Baxter to illustrate where mobile phones fit into the electromagnetic spectrum.

Source: Science Media Centre
Source: Science Media Centre


  1. Brent

    The odd one out : “1 in 200 **Annual** risk of death from smoking”. The “1 in 85 Dying on the Road” is over 50 years, and the other time periods are unstated, but presumably are lifetime risk. They really should have used comparable time periods.

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