Crazy science letter of the week part 7

Apparently when you invoke the Nazis in an argument about climate change or any issue for that matter, you have already lost the argument. It’s called Godwin’s Law and is particularly relevant to climate change given the way the word “denier” is thrown at both sides. Anyway, this one breaks Godwin’s Law in the first sentence and goes downhill from there…

Source: Taranaki Daily News, May 5
Source: Taranaki Daily News, May 5


  1. Peter Griffin

    Uncle Joe seems to have done reasonably well out of history despite everything. He had some great quotes, like this one: “A dog will look up to you, a cat looks down on you, but a pig always looks you straight in the eye.” His favourite animals were pigs…

  2. Brendan Moyle

    As a kind of aside, an important corollary to Godwin’s law should also be invoking Stalin.

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