The Mexican Gulf oil spill in infographics

The disastrous oil spill in the Mexican Gulf represents a complex story with lots of different angles.

Newspapers have taken a stab at tackling these angles, which include the ecological impact on sea and coastal ecosystems and the work underway to try and stem the flow of oil. Graphic design departments have been working overtime to come up with eye-catching infographics. Here are some of them…

This one is from the UK’s Independent on Sunday and ran across two pages. I’ve piled up the fact boxes which originally ran beneath the feature story.

Source: The Sunday Independent
Source: The Sunday Independent

This useful infographic, from the Los Angeles Times,  explains how strengthening a deep sea oil well is done

Source: Los Angeles Times
Source: Los Angeles Times

And this one from Singapore’s Straits Times focuses on the environmental impact of the spill…

Source: Straits Times
Source: Straits Times


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