Crazy science letter of the week part 5

I’m not sure which letter is crazier, the first letter published in the Southland Times on April 23, or the reply published in today’s paper. What animal did that old bone come from? Was it the Murrells’ old nag? So many questions. One thing is for sure,  there’s definitely a fair bit of fuzzy science going on here…

Source: Southland Times April 23
Source: Southland Times April 23

And a response published today…

Source: Southland Times (April 26)
Source: Southland Times (April 26)


  1. David Winter

    The second one reminds me of an afternoon I spend poking around for fossils in some ~10 million year old mudstone. We’d made my way to the top of the of an old riverbed when we uncovered what was very clearly part of a skull of a terrestrial vertebrate, after about 10 minutes of very excited excavation we learned that

    a) we weren’t like to become geologists and
    b) it was a sheep

    It was under a good 20cm of mud though, perhaps it was an ovine relative of Mr Nicholson’s Pegasus unicorn…

  2. Alison Campbell

    Gosh, now if those silly geologists would just recognise that sediments collect & form rock at the same rate as glaciers form ice, then their understanding of the world would be completely different…

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