Grounded – mapping the impact of the ash cloud

Not surprisingly, newspapers around the world have given extensive coverage to the volcanic ash clouds over Europe as airports remain closed, travellers stranded.

Here are a couple of infographics from the region, that try to make sense of the story. They are variations on the same theme. Which does a better job? The top one is from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the bottom one from The Press of Christchurch.

Source: Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

the press 1

One Comment

  1. Aimee Whitcroft

    I think they both work well, but in slightly different ways.

    The first’s timeline is quite useful. On the other hand, I like the details given about the composition of the ash in the second.

    Aesthetically, I’d say that the second graphic looks newer/more modern than the first, and, while having less colour (and therefore possibly stnading out less) is probably the better graphic overall.

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