Dawkins and Aldrin down, Rees to come

It has been a huge couple of weeks for the celebration of science, with visits from evolutionary biologist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins and Apollo 11 astronaut and moon walker Buzz Aldrin.

And the season of science-themed visits isn’t over with Martin Lord Rees, the cosmologist and president of the Royal Society of London still to come.

So far, the high-profile visitors have been very generous with media appearances which has made for some interesting interviews – typically on radio.

There’s this Graeme Hill interview on Radio Live with Richard Dawkins, where they also take questions from listeners, much as Dawkins did at the end of his lecture in Wellington:

Dawkins takes calls on Radio Live

Graeme Hill also caught up with Buzz Aldrin on reaching the moon – this is well worth listening to:

Buzz Aldrin speaks to Graeme Hill

Over at Radio New Zealand, Chris Laidlaw has an excellent interview with Dawkins:

Dawkins on evolution

Martin Lord Rees is giving lectures around the country next week – he’s in Christchurch on Monday the 22nd (sold out), Wellington on the 23rd.

Details here.


  1. Grant Jacobs

    I was at Krauss’ talk last night (I posted the advert. material earlier). I’d have written it up myself already, but for me I’d seen too much of the material before from other sources, which made it harder to me to judge what others thought of it. (I couldn’t follow the sound on the videos he played which didn’t help; not his fault.) He’s a good speaker though and I admire the amount of time he made for those that approached him after the talk.

  2. Peter Griffin

    Brent – fair enough 🙂 Should also point out the interesting feature on Lord Rees in the Listener this week (not online for free). David, looking forward to the Krauss write-up – not seeing any media on his talk yet.

  3. Ken Perrott

    Thanks for the info on Krauss, David. He is someone I would like to see.

    Mind you, I have had a good run. Went to Melbourne and saw Richard Dawkins, Peter Singer, PZ Myers, AC Grayling, and a lot of other interesting people.

    It would be good if there were a calender of NZ science events somnewhere. We seem to be hearing about these without much notice.

    Perhaps a job for sciblogs?

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