Saturday science coverage – two thumbs up for the Herald and the Listener

Between the Weekend Herald and the latest issue of the New Zealand Listener which just arrived in my mailbox, there’s enough coverage to suggest there’s a dedicated group of journalists operating in the New Zealand media committed to decent reporting on the big science-related issues facing society.

First, take Chris Barton’s piece on the issue of mobile phones and their possible connection with brain cancer. Barton set himself a difficult task writing a feature on the issue when the long-awaited Interphone study is just about to go public but he lays out the existing scientific evidence very well and gets good input from local scientists and a visiting expert on the issue who held a briefing in conjunction with the Australian Science Media Centre this week.

Also in the Herald, Catherine Masters has an excellent feature on Professor Peter Hunter, who claimed the Rutherford Medal on wednesday night along with the much-deserved $100,000 in prize money.

Moving over to the Listener, the cover story carries the ominous title: Last chance to save humanity.

Inside is a lengthy series of pieces by Sarah Barnett looking forward to Copenhagen and covering all the angles – scientific and political included. It’s a decent piece of work and based in part on a Science Media Centre briefing we held in Wellington a couple of weeks ago.

Check out all the features mentioned above – they are well worth a read

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