Diverse mix in Deloitte's Fast 50

The 2009 Deloitte Fast 50 list of the fastest growing companies in the country shows high-growth start-ups aren’t just confined to the tech sector.

Only 18 of the top 50 this year can be described as IT or telecoms players. The top spot went to a honey producer. According to Deloitte, the Fast 50 companies grew the economy “by $426m over the period surveyed (FY2007-FY2009), and creating 794 jobs in the process”.

Some interesting tech companies on the list worth checking out:

Velocity Networks: Hamilton-based broadband provider which has partnered with Hamilton Fibre Network (HFN) to build an ultra-high speed broadband network across the city. The network spans the city, offering speeds of up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps). Operating as an ‘open access’ community network, users are free to subscribe to services from a range of application and internet service providers on the network. 218% growth.

TracMap: Yet another New Zealand company doing innovative things with GPS technology. TracMap makes GPS guidance and mapping systems for use on farms. Products include Truck, Tractor, Bike, Effluent Management, Live Fleet Tracking and Aviation units.  Over half the fertiliser spreading lorries in NZ use TracMap guidance systems. “While accuracy in fertiliser spreading and tracking is still our core market, our customers continue to surprise us with the diversity of uses they find for TracMap units”. 561% growth.

NextWindow: Innovative optical touch-screen developer which has already gained significant traction through partnerships with computer makers HP and Dell. Also in the kiosk market and devleoping “wayfinding stations” for pedestrians to help find their way around cities.  829% growth.

The full Top-50 list is below:

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